Easy ways to save money in 2019

Now that the New Year is in full swing, have you been looking at your monthly budget trying to find ways to save money?  Well believe it or not, contacting your current utility companies or people that carry some of your monthly bills might be a great place to start!

 I don’t know about you, but between health insurance companies and my current cable provider, I spend a lot of time on the phone or online chatting with them about my bill and how to correct it.  It’s quite exhausting.  I have noticed, however, that when I do call my utility companies or even my car insurance agent, I find discounts awaiting me that I didn’t know existed!  So here’s a great tip if you’re looking to save a few bucks this year….Call your car/home insurance agent, your cable and/or internet provider, cell phone provider, electric company, etc and ask them if there are any current discounts or deals available to you.  If you’ve been a customer with them for a while, there could be loyalty deals that no one has told you about.  Believe it or not, my current cable provider messed up my bill so many times in the past 6 months that I was calling or online chatting with them every single month getting things fixed.  This final time that I did it, they credited my bill so much money, I got 2 free months of cable!  HUGE WIN FOR ME!!!  So it definitely pays off and can save you greatly each month. 

Put a reminder in your calendar on a quarterly basis to contact certain utility companies or people you owe bills to on a monthly basis and check in with them to see if they have any money saving options for you.  It never hurts and it definitely pays to be proactive with these types of things.  Who knows, maybe by doing this you’ll be able to start saving enough money for that down payment on a first home, a new home, or investment.  Give us a call if you do!


Tiffany and Tanner Cole



Tiffany & Tanner Cole

Tiffany & Tanner Cole