Change your Holiday Decor to Winter Decor!

Happy New Year! Now that 2019 has arrived, it’s time to start putting those New Year’s goals to use!  Maybe you’re starting a new diet, looking at a career change, starting a family, considering buying a new home (our personal favorite goal!). Whatever your 2019 goals are, we wish you the best of luck and hope you have a fabulous year!

With the start of 2019, however; comes the dreaded taking down of the holiday décor. If you’re like our family, you get a little depressed when all of the beautiful lights come down, the tree gets put away, and all of a sudden your house looks barer than you ever remember. You’re left with a little less sparkle in your house. It doesn’t seem fair that the holiday décor has to come down when we still have several more months of winter left, right?! Well, I have found a solution for those of you who want to keep some of the sparkle alive in your home after the holidays are over! Let’s talk about taking the “holidays” out of your décor and changing it to “Winter Décor”! Yes, that’s right, we can re-use much of our holiday decorations to make our house still feel like a cozy, winter wonderland for a few more months!

While in the midst of taking my decorations down this weekend, I started googling Winter Décor Ideas and came across several websites that had exactly what I was looking for. I will post a couple below, so you can get ideas for your own home. Now I am by no means a crafty person or an interior designer, but I was able to use some of these ideas and make my home feel a little less bare and a little more decked out for winter. I kept up some of my holiday wreaths and garland, but took the “Christmas feel” out of them. I created a winter centerpiece for my kitchen table by simply using some small trees I had around my house, removing the ornaments from them, putting them on a glass platter and adding leftover fall pinecones I had. It was all very simple, but made me feel a little less depressed when taking down the holiday décor. 

Hopefully this was helpful and feel free to share any ideas you used in your own home with us. We love seeing what everyone does to their homes all year long! Below are the websites, if you’d like to look.  We are not affiliated with them in any way, just found them helpful.
Happy New Year!




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