The Train to the Plane and Westminster

Denver and the surrounding metro area are doing what they can to make the area more commuter friendly. We have always had one of the best bus systems in the country, but buses come with one major flaw: TRAFFIC! The bus system is reliable to a point, but you know that the day you have to be somewhere at a specific time will be the day you are delayed. So what is Colorado doing? Trains!!!

I know, there have been a handful of trains for years, but we are finally getting one that could be useful to almost everybody.They are opening the Train to the Plane, actually called the University of Colorado A Line. On April 22, 2016 the train from Union Station to DIA will FINALLY open to all travelers. The opening ceremony will be from 10am to NOON at DIA with Governor Hickenlooper and other special guests. The line officially opens at NOON and will be free to all passengers on April 22nd(NOON-9pm) and April 23rd(5am to 10pm).There will also be station parties on April 23rd from 10am-2pm at each of the eight stations on the new route. Local beer, Art shows, food trucks, music, games and activities for the kids!Details for each station can be found at

The A Line will run daily from 3:15am to 12:30am Eastbound and 4:11am to 1:26am Westbound with trains every 15min.The trip will take 37min from Union Station to DIA and cost $9 per person. There are eight stops including DIA and Union Station, six of them are Park-N-Ride stations.

I don’t normally write about topics that don’t directly affect my side of town, this is no exception! Up until now (very soon anyway) RTD has largely ignored us (I36 corridor), but that is changing! The B Line will open sometime this summer! For those of you who don’t know, the B Line will run from Union Station to Longmont with stops in Westminster, Broomfield, Louisville, Boulder and Niwot. It’s going to take years to get to Longmont, but the first station, the Westminster station, will open this summer! The station will be at 71st ave and Irving St with a new Park-n-Ride that can accommodate up to 350 vehicles.

The first B Line train will take you from Westminster to Downtown in 11min and cost $2.60 per person. The trains will run every 30min from 6am-9am and 3pm-6pm Monday-Friday and every 60min during non-peak hours seven days a week.

So what does this mean for those of us that live in the Westminster/Arvada area? It means we can get from the Park-n-Ride at 71st and Irving to DIA in about 48min and we don’t have to find or pay for a place to park when we get there!

Let’s not forget that the train to Wheat Ridge will also be opening soon. The Wheat Ridge train will be known as the Gold Line or the G Line. The G Line will run from Wheat Ridge/Ward to Union Station in 25min with eight stations. The stations all include Park-n-Rides with a total of 2,230 parking spots. You can get more details at

All of this is a step in the right direction for commuters and travelers in our area. I hope this can cut down on some of the congestion on the roads between Denver and DIA. Plus we get trains and trains are cool!

Tiffany and Tanner Cole

Realtors and Lake Arbor residents


Tiffany & Tanner Cole

Tiffany & Tanner Cole